Seaview Corporate Center, located in San Diego, is a Class "A" mid-rise office complex comprised of two six-story office buildings. It also has a four-level parking structure which includes one subterranean level as well as a cafe. The project, which was designed, permitted and constructed in two phases for Lennar Partners, is built high atop Mira Mesa with spectacular scenic views of the surrounding areas.

Various entitlement and site issues posed the biggest challenges: processing the project through the California Coastal Commission, purchase by Lennar Partners of off-site land for mitigation, and wildlife habitat issues, consideration of the views of the project of existing walking trails. Another challenge facing GAA was to integrate an existing five-story building into the design for the two new buildings including a new site plan and infrastructure. The design for the new buildings was meant to maximize tenant flexibility. The lobby and core are arranged to accommodate full building, full floor, or multi-tenant users to maximize the project's leasing potential. The entire project was designed to function as a cohesive complex interconnected with data, telephone, and fiber providing the potential for a full-complex user.

The originally entitled master plan was slated to have three buildings, only one of which could be seen upon approach to the site. GAA performed numerous site studies to create a design in which all three buildings are located on a central auto spine. This arrangement allows views of all building entries upon arrival. The parking structure is set at back in the site away from view corridors. Care was taken to retain the visual site lines from the stream bed canyon below to minimize building mass. An outdoor balcony was created on the sixth floor of the two new buildings by clipping the ends. Design of the building lobbies and entries was expressed through a six-story glass cylinder that draws the eye to the lobby and up to the crown of the building which is lit up at night and can be seen as a beacon for miles. The base of the glass cylinder terminates in a verde marble entryway with stainless steel columns that highlights the entry. The lobbies of the office buildings feature high ceilings with indirect lighting, tile flooring and a carpeted waiting area with views to the exterior. GAA created an attractive and economical facade for the buildings by incorporating floor to ceiling glass punched window openings in EIFS skin.

The parking structure features a cafe and is located at the pedestrian entrance to draw employees in. The cafe design reflects the architecture of the building's entry tower form utilizing a circular crown. Colors used on the office buildings were integrated throughout the project, including the parking structure. A vehicular turnaround acts as a circulation hub for all three buildings and allows for pedestrian access between them and features palm trees and light bollards.

Seaview Corporate Center, developed by Lennar Partners in partnership with The Muller Company, is slated for completion in February 2001 by Ninteman Construction.