Los Angeles, CA: Lincoln Property Company has selected GAA Architects of Irvine, California to design and master plan the new high tech business park to be known as the L.A. Media Tech Center. The 50 acre site which is a part of the long vacant old railroad maintenance yard known as the Taylor Yard is located in the city of Los Angeles near the L.A. / Glendale border. The new industrial park is near the entertainment industry hubs located in Burbank and Glendale.

The L.A. Media Tech Center project will cater to the entertainment related and post production companies that need to expand their businesses and want facilities that feature modern design amenities.

GAA was selected because of their 20 years of experience and expertise designing high tech, corporate and industrial facilities. GAA has also gained a reputation for designing projects that satisfy the needs of the developer's bottom line and at the same time meet the user's needs for functionality, economy as well as award winning aesthetics. Truly successful projects, according to GAA Architects President and founder Gilbert Aja AIA, meld the technical requirements of the ultimate user into an economical design package that exceeds everyone's requirements.

The L.A. Media Tech Center project will feature an attractive monument sign visible from the Glendale Freeway calling attention to this new complex of entertainment related companies. Because of its status as a "Revitalization Zone" these companies may also be eligible for tax incentives and industrial bonds to help them finance construction and pay for equipment within the new buildings.

With the project still in the conceptual planning stages, the design team is working closely with both the Mayor's office as well as with Councilman Hernandez's office to ensure the participation and input of the local community. GAA Architects and Lincoln Property Company, as well as the leaders of the community, are excited about the project's potential of bringing new businesses and jobs to this neighborhood. The L.A. Media Tech Center promises to be a positive addition to the City of Los Angeles and to the local surrounding community.