McMahon Development Group has selected GAA Architects of Irvine to master plan the 23 acre site surrounding their GAA designed Fed Ex Ground facility in the City of San Leandro. Seven buildings are scheduled with a total coverage of 311,100 square feet.

The Bayside Business Center, anchored by a 58,000 square foot Fed Ex Ground facility specifically designed by GAA Architects to maximize future expansion capability, is also being heralded as an industrial "Eco Park" development based on its implementation of the US Green Building Standards.

Incorporating an agreement between McMahon Development and the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, GAA's master plan stratigically focuses environmentally friendly design into four major areas: Site, Build-to-Suit Buildings, Speculative Buildings and Tenant Improvements.

The first wave of "Eco-Park" elements will be integrated into the site itself and are expected to include: Vegetated Swales, Water Efficient Landscaping, an Oil/Water Separator, Highly Durable Road Surfaces, Recycled Aggregate and a comprehensive Construction Waste Management Plan.

The GAA master plan also recommends that Build-to-Suit and Speculative Buildings within the Site extend the "first wave" by featuring such "green" structural elements as: Cool Roofs, Daylighting, High Efficiency HVAC, Flyash in Concrete and an overall Recycling Plan.

Furthermore, GAA's master plan enlists a variety of environmentally sensitive materials to extend the final aspect of the "Eco-Park" into the domain of Tenant Improvements: Interior Zero-VOC Paint, High Recycled Content Carpet, High Recycled Content Ceiling Tiles and an overall ban on Vinyl Flooring. These are complemented by the use of: Lighting Occupancy Sensors, Low-e or Shaded Glazing, and an Insulated Envelope to increase building energy efficiency.

GAA's Roger Deitos, AIA heads the Bayside Business Center design team.